Prologue i

Here it is, the first page of Gloriana. I’ll post Page 2 when I finish it—after a few pages I’ll hopefully settle in to a regular schedule. By the way, there is a little ‘subscribe’ thingy further down the page. If you click on it you’ll receive an e-mail every time a new post goes up. Thanks for stopping by. And now…





27 thoughts on “Prologue i

  1. not enough time and space to express how appreciative I am of your style of ‘cartooning’ or ‘illustration.’ No one realizes the intellect needed to format a scene; the direction of lighting, of perspective, dramatic shadows, funny spelling for effect, complete knowledge of styles due your characters (time and plot)…I could go on and on with what you must consider before the rendering…which might be the easy part! (easy in THEIR minds!~) Thank you, John!


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