Prologue i

Here it is, the first page of Gloriana. I’ll post Page 2 when I finish it—after a few pages I’ll hopefully settle in to a regular schedule. By the way, there is a little ‘subscribe’ thingy further down the page. If you click on it you’ll receive an e-mail every time a new post goes up. Thanks for stopping by. And now…




The players

Even though our story begins in jolly old England, out of consideration for you, dear reader, we’re attaching a prologue. That is, a few pages of introduction to the dark, mysterious forces which will shape the plot.

You can’t get more dark or mysterious than Herr Doktor—always the smartest guy in the room, he’s become bored with life and is looking for something to satisfy his lust for power.

Herr Doktor

To help him with that search are two sorcerers, Valdes and Cornelius—experts in conjuring, necromancy, wizardry, astrology, fortune-telling, spell-casting, alchemy and Common Core math.