Prologue viii

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Put them all together they spell ‘murther‘!


Prologue vii

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glor.viiAGlor.viiBaglor.viiBbIf you hold down the ‘control’ button and click on an image, you can click on ‘view image’ to see it larger.

Prologue v

Hey, it’s Holy Week, everybody! So if you’d like to learn more about Mephistophilis’ reference to the busting-up of Israel and the Babylonian Exile, just pick up a handy Bible and read Kings 1 & 2 or Chronicles 1 & 2. Okay, okay, I know you don’t have time for all that. Here’s some quick info about Israel becoming a divided kingdom. Here’s all about the Babylonian Exile.

glor.vA glor.vB

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