Sorry!—here are some Tudors

Apologies! I’m having some trouble working the buttons. I posted here yesterday evening with the intention of making the images easier to enlarge. It didn’t work and I deleted the post. Sorry if you were led here on a bootless enterprize.

To make amends, I post here today a few of the real-life personalities who’ve been dragooned into my story—even though some make mere cameo appearances. At least two of these (Jane & Henry) are by the great artist Hans Holbein, who was Henry’s court painter.


One thought on “Sorry!—here are some Tudors

  1. I’m so “non-tech” it took 10 mins to find the “follow” button … I’m amazed that your right brain can do this web stuff. I gave up trying a long time ago. That’s why God invented men like Paul Baxter … lol LOVING the Tudors !!!! I was hooked at my first viewing of “Anne of a Thousand Days” !!!

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